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Which software tycoon won the America's Cup, sailing across the Mediterranean in a tight race with Swiss team Alinghi?

ANSWER: Oracle founder Larry Ellison won the America's Cup, racing aboard his space-age trimaran BMW Oracle.

What does Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer use his secret Twitter account for?

ANSWER: Ballmer uses his secret Twitter account to blast out scores of his kid's high school basketball games, he revealed at a conference.

What company is failing its smart phone launch, despite a management team staffed with ex-Apple geniuses?

ANSWER: Palm recently slashed guidance after disappointing launches for the Pre and Pixi phones. Apparently, CEO Jon Rubinstein left his magic touch at Apple.

What is Twitter secretly working on?

ANSWER: Both a new ad platform and a new Web interface that could kill TweetDeck and other third-party desktop apps.

Dude, what did Padma get?

ANSWER: A Dell! The Top Chef Host gave birth to a daughter, Krishna Thea Lakshmi, with Adam Dell, brother of Dell Computer founder Michael Dell.

What new device has been hailed as the holy grail of green technology?

ANSWER: The Bloom Box is a fuel cell that could reduce emissions for big businesses and eventually homes. (In the time since its debut, hype has died down notably.)

Where do Microsoft's huge sales and profits come from?

ANSWER: Overwhelmingly, Microsoft's profit comes from its Windows and Office divisions. Online services is a huge money pit, and entertainment and devices is rarely, barely profitable.

What anonymous video chat service took America by storm in February?

ANSWER: Video chat service Chatroulette took the Internet by storm, hooking total strangers up via Webcam chat. It's... bizarre.

How are South Koreans using a certain kind of snack sausage?

ANSWER: South Koreans have reportedly been using sausage snacks as a stylus for the iPhone, so they can keep gloves on during the cold winter months.

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