SAG To Resume Negotiations With Studios

After ousting chief negotiator Doug Allen on Monday, the Screen Actors Guild has announced that they plan to resume negotiations with the studios next Tuesday. Here’s hoping these talks (finally) produce a deal.

But one person not happy about these renewed talks is SAG president Alan Rosenberg, who took to SAG’s Web site Wednesday to insist that any gains the union makes through these talks would be the result of his and Doug Allen’s hard work.

The following is an excerpt from his long post: Our Negotiating Committee has been replaced by a new, more moderate Task Force. You can expect that not long after this new team enters the Bargaining Room, they will be offered some “plum”, some concession from the AMPTP that was said, heretofore, to be unattainable. This will be given by our employers, not as an act of good will, but as a demonstration of the fact that “reasonableness” will be rewarded, while “militancy” will be punished. Make no mistake, if this should occur, if there is any gain made, or if we are ultimately able to resist one of the massive roll backs that has been demanded, it will not be due to the skill of this new “negotiating team”. Anything that is won from this point forward will still be the result of the enormously hard work put in by Doug Allen and the majority of the negotiating team that has been in place since our W and W caucuses began a year ago this February. I am enormously proud of that team, led by Doug , of which I was a member.

In fact, Rosenberg was so dejected about what happened to his pal, Doug, and the fact that he can no  longer officially speak out on behalf of the guild that he literally sang the blues. The clip, courtesy of Sharon Waxman’s The Wrap, is below.


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