SAG, Studios Finally Meeting


So after all of the internecine fighting of the past few weeks, from which we mercifully spared you (SAG’s chief negotiator Doug Allen was fired—twice), the Screen Actors Guild is finally meeting with the studio representatives known as the AMPTP. More importantly, after months of actors working without a new contract, intra-union fighting and talk of an actors strike, a deal might actually be close.

The talks are expected to continue into Wednesday, but Variety says that a deal might come quickly now that pro-strike authorization vote negotiator Doug Allen is out.

Here are a few more details on the meeting, courtesy of Variety:

The congloms haven’t indicated what parts of the final offer — which has been on the table since June 30 –they’re willing to sweeten in the interests of closing a deal quickly to end the disruption to the business.

During the holiday weekend, [SAG’s] interim national exec director David White scheduled a meeting of the national board for Saturday. If that panel votes up a tentative deal, ratification ballots could be sent out as early as next week to SAG’s 120,000 members and returned by mid-March.

The talks launch with SAG senior adviser John McGuire as chief negotiator, a role he’s filled repeatedly. The negotiating committee, which had been dominated by Membership First, has been replaced by a task force in which moderates fill seven of the 10 slots.

And, just in case you were upset about missing out on the sight of picketing actors, there will be a well-coiffed picket line at this meeting: Doug Allen supporters upset about his ouster. Just ignore them and hope the actors and studios can finally reach a deal.