SAG Blows Money on Sun Valley Ad Begging Moguls For a Deal

The Hollywood Reporter found out how the media moguls in attendance felt about the big ad the Screen Actors Guild took out in the Idaho Mountain Express: They didn’t read it.

THR: SAG, with alarming dexterity and surprising alacrity, took out a full-page ad in the local Sun Valley paper, the Idaho Mountain Express, that said simply: “WE WANT A DEAL.”

It was aimed squarely at the Hollywood moguls who have coalesced here so far, including Universal’s Ron Meyer, DreamWorks’ Jeffrey Katzenberg, Sony’s Howard Stringer and Michael Lynton, Disney’s Robert Iger, Paramount’s Brad Grey, CBS’ Leslie Moonves, Viacom’s Philippe Dauman and NBC’s Jeff Zucker.

Talent agents in attendance here — Jim Wiatt of WMA, Bryan Lourd and Richard Lovett of CAA, Jeff Berg and Chris Silbermann of ICM and Jim Berkus of UTA among them — were no doubt in SAG’s sights as well.

Sony’s Stringer didn’t duck the salvo. “Unfortunately for SAG, we don’t see that newspaper up here,” he said. “It’s not delivered to us.” [Oooh, burn.]

There is some truth to Stringer’s claim, though the paper is available all over Sun Valley. Better to say, the execs just don’t bother to read it.

Time Warner president and CEO Jeff Bewkes was equally noncommittal about the ad. “Good for SAG,” he said when handed a copy.

The real execs they were probably trying to reach were Bob Iger and Les Moonves, given their instrumental role in ending the WGA strike last winter. But, according to Nikki Finke, the pair won’t be resolving this one—at least not yet.

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