This Is The First In-Flight Magazine We've Ever Been Desperate To Read


Photo: Safi Airways

In-flight magazines are usually, well, you know… kinda boring.It’s understandable, they can’t offend anyone. They’re just there to help passengers kill some time, and hopefully they provide some useful tips about a place you might be travelling to (maybe).

But this is different. Der Spiegel interviews the editor of the magazine of Safi Airways — the airline that serves Afghanistan, with regular commercial flights from Frankfurt and Dubai. The airline’s magazine puts an emphasis on being honest, with articles about how things really are in Kabul, including where there are and aren’t still landimines.

Fortunately Safi Airways has put a copy (.pdf) of the magazine online. and as you can see, it’s not your typical airline magazine

Here's the cover

An ad for a super-high powered satellite phone that works in harsh conditions.

Feel-good story about a cricket team in Afghanistan

An ad for clean water, naturally.

A story about a super-yacht -- in case you get lucky with those valuable mineral rights.

It wouldn't be an inflight magazine without a Ruth's Chris ad (seriously).

armoured SUVs for sale

A profile of one of Afghanistan's off-the-beaten-path cities


More hardcore telecom

Even more hardcore telecom.

Kabul's four-star hotel with 24hr security

Obviously you need a satellite.

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