This Sleek $5.8 Million Mansion In Hollywood Claims To Be 'One Of The Safest Houses In America'

safe house

Photo: James Hurwitz Co.

Prone to panic? Then this house in the Hollywood Hills was made for you.The home, currently on the market for $5.8 million, has been called one of the safest houses in the world.

It was designed by security expert Al V. Corbi, whose company, SAFE, designs security systems for everyone from governments to superyacht owners.

The home was built in 2002 and is owned by Al’s wife Lana. It initially hit the market in 2009 for $9.995 million, so perhaps a safe house in Hollywood is not as desirable as one would think. [via eXtravaganzi]

The modern home is located in the Hollywood Hills Sunset Plaza community.

It has 8,000+ square feet of living space, plus a 2,000-square-foot finished basement and a 6-car garage.

We have to guess that's a portrait of the Corbises on the wall.

This looks like your standard modern mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

But it has some very unique security features.

There are two panic rooms.

There's also a heliport.

Even if you aren't in it for the safety, this is a nice place.

There are two bedrooms and a roof patio.

And would you look at that closet?

5 stories of luxury.

The home is on one of the highest points in Los Angeles.

The roof patio has a Viking grill.

Here's your view.

The place lights up at night.

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