Sad Soul Still Trying To Unload Google Chrome Comic Book On eBay

Google’s Chrome Web browser turned one year old this week. Want a memento today? That’ll cost you $600.

If you recall, Google announced that it was getting into the Web browser business with a comic book drawn by by Understanding Comics‘ Scott McCloud. Google distributed the comic book to journalists, its employees, and other industry-types, and for a minute or two, they were considered a rare collector’s item.

But one person in Rhode Island is still trying to unload theirs, hoping a nostalgia-seeker finds them on eBay. User ldm223 is offering the “VERY RARE Google Chrome launch comic” at an opening bid of $200, with 2 days left on the auction. Or, you can “buy it now” for $600!

It’s “a genuine first edition Google Chrome comic book” in “very good condition” acquired “from someone in a senior position within Google itself,” the seller writes. “A must for comic book collectors everywhere, this is a one-time opportunity – these don’t come up very often.”

As you might have guessed, there are zero bids. And we can’t find any concluded Chrome comic book auctions in eBay’s recent history, either.

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