Sacramento Kings Owners Ready To Relocate If Deal With City Fails

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The Maloof brothers, owners of the Sacramento Kings, are set to announce that they will look to relocate the team, according to Bryan May of ABC 10 in Sacramento.A Maloof attorney says that NBA commissioner David Stern would approve a move if the current plan to stay in Sacramento failed.

The current deal with the city and arena is described as “unrealistic and unacceptable” with revenue projections consisting of “not valid numbers.”

The Maloofs say that without a reworked deal, something the city is against, the team will HAVE to consider other options.

This comes less than a year after the Kings looked all but gone for Anaheim and then agreed to a deal to stay in Sacramento at the last minute.

If the Kings’ relocation does get approved, Anaheim still looks like the most viable new city.