The Sacramento Kings Owners Will NOT Be Moving The Team To Anaheim*

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The owners of the Sacramento Kings say they have reached a decision on whether or not they will attempt to move the team to Anaheim, but will not announce it until later today.Co-owner George Maloof says the team needs to talk to the NBA first, before making an announcement.

The Kings have an offer to move the team to Anaheim, but Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson says he has an owner lined up to buy the team from him, and has lined millions of dollars in new sponsorship from local businesses.

No press events have been scheduled yet, but the team face 2 p.m. deadline to file a request for relocation.

Even if the Maloofs do try to move the team, it still has to be approved by a vote the league other owners.

UPDATE: The Orange County Register is reporting that officials at Anaheim Arena Management were told this morning by the Maloof family that the Kings will not be relocating. More to come ….

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