Sacramento Kings To Name Their Arena After Those Power Balance Bracelets That Don't Do Anything

Power Balance Kevin DurantKevin Durant graced the cover of SI sporting a PowerBalance

Photo: SI

One week after being forced to admit their bracelets don’t work as advertised, Power Balance will get the naming rights to the Sacramento Kings’ basketball stadium.ARCO Arena will soon be named Power Balance Pavilion.

Word of the new name reached Sactown Royalty, a Kings blog, as they followed up on a report from the Sacramento Bee. Yesterday, Ailene Voisin, of the Sacramento Bee, wrote:

In another development, sources close to the situation confirmed the Kings are on the verge of announcing a new multi-year naming rights deal. In other words, Arco Arena won’t be Arco Arena much longer. Asked to provide details, Joe Maloof [one of the Kings’ owners] would say only, “I can’t talk about that right now. You’ll just have to wait. But everybody is going to be surprised.”

Surprised? Try flabbergasted.

We’re perfectly used to sports venues being named after airlines, major banks, car manufacturers, and even office suppliers. But a niche company that admitted its best-selling product isn’t proven to work as advertised?


That would be as crazy as a bank committing $400 million for stadium naming rights while accepting hundreds of billions of dollars in taxpayer bailout… oh, wait. Nevermind.

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