Sachin Tendulkar Just Got Out On 74 In The First Innings Of His Final Test Match

Sachin TendulkarSachin Tendulkar / Getty (File)


Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar is playing his final Test match against the West Indies in Mumbai. He just got dismissed for 74.

He finished on 38 not out yesterday and has brought up his 50 today, sending India and the cricketing world nuts in anticipation of a possible century in his final match.

He gets one more chance for a final century in the second innings.

Where do you start? 200 Tests. 100 international centuries, 51 of them in Tests. And an exhausting 15,900 Test runs, give or take, depending on what he notches up in Mumbai.

Tendulkar, the “Little Master”, is a rock star in India. He can’t leave his home during the day because of the mobbing he would receive. He is a car enthusiasts and sometimes takes his sports cars out for a drive in the dead of night because it’s the only time that he can get about.

EBay in India has opened up a special section of its website for Tendulkar memorabilia. A tweet yesterday by Tendulkar thanking fans for their support has become the most-retweeted ever in India.

The Twitter stream on Tendulkar has been a terrific outpouring of support and barracking.

Here are a few choice tweets:

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