Sacha Baron Cohen Pranks BAFTA Awards By 'Killing' Old Woman

Sacha Baron Cohen loves to pull a good awards show prank — remember when he spilled Kim Jong Il’s “ashes” all over Ryan Seacrest on the Oscar’s red carpet?

The comedian/actor’s latest stunt was just as insensitive.

While accepting the Charlie Chaplin Britannia for Excellence in Comedy award at Saturday’s BAFTA-LA Brittania Awards, the actor “tripped” and shoved an elderly woman flying off the stage into the crowd.

Watch the video below:

The wheelchair-bound woman was introduced as “Grace Cullington,” described as the oldest-living person to have worked with the Charlie Chaplin. In reality, the woman was a stunt performer.

Cullington presented the Charlie Chaplin comedy award to Sacha Baron Cohen, but when he took Chaplin’s cane and tripped dancing, the woman went flying. Many in the star-studded crowd didn’t initially realise it was a prank as the woman lay lifeless in the audience.

“Grace Cullington is the oldest, no, sorry, was the oldest surviving [Chaplin co-star]. I dedicate my award to her. This is obviously a tragedy. She has upstaged me,” said Cohen, going on to quip, “But on the bright side, what a great way to go, giving an award to me. Thus, she’ll probably make the Oscars In Memoriam segment.”

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