Israeli Military's Social Media Boss Facing Controversy After 'Blackface' Obama Photo Discovered On His Facebook

IDF Spokesperson Black Face

Photo: Facebook via Your Black World

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Gaza conflict has been the unexpected social media tactics used by the Israel Defence Forces, and in particular its voice on Twitter, @IDFSpokesperson.What perhaps the IDF hadn’t expected was the increased international scrutiny of their personal social media usage.

An interview with Tablet Magazine last week revealed the 26-year-old man behind @IDFSpokesperson, Sacha Dratwa. It didn’t take long for people to type that name into Facebook and see that Sacha’s personal Facebook account appeared to be remarkably open.

Most of the posts and photos on Dratwa’s Facebook appeared pretty innocuous. Gizmodo (who appear to have been amongst the first to publish details of Dratwa’s account) noted he “enjoys some very normal things: macchiatos, swimming, vodka, hanging out with friends”.

However, one photo caught the attention of the editors at Your Black World. The photograph, which appears to show showed Sacha with dark mud from the Red Sea on his face, was captioned “Obama style” by Dratwa. The blog tied the “blackface”-esque photo with recent racial problems in Tel Aviv.

This morning Mother Jones published a statement from Dratwa, which said he had decided to make his Facebook profile private in order to prevent attempts to “publicly misrepresent my opinions”. According to ABC News, Dratwa was also responding to users on Twitter, telling them “I’m not a racist, please stop [spreading] lies about me.”

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