Bankrupt Saab Is Being Forced To Sell Off All The Quirky Cars In Its Swedish Museum

Saab 92001, Ursaab, Aerodynamic

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While dealer incentives are engulfing your local Saab dealer, some very special models have just come on the market.The bankruptcy of the quirky Swedish marque has forced the sale of over 100 cars that were staples of the Saab museum, according to Bring A Trailer.

The sale includes the car pictured to the right, which was the first Saab prototype, know as the Ur-Saab. It was introduced in 1947, covered over 300,000 miles, and is in totally original, unrestored condition.

There are also many other cars that are integral to the history of the brand.

Saab’s first sports car, the 1950s Sonett Roadster, as well as a number of concept, race, and show cars are available to the highest bidder.

This morning, Jalopnik reported that over 100 cars left on Saab’s assembly line were to be crushed, except one new 9-5 Wagon which would be going to the museum. It now seems that this transfer will not be happening.

For those that are interested, bids for Saabs in the collection are being accepted until Friday, January 20th.

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