North Korean 'Hotel Of Doom' Could Finally Open Next Year

ryugyong hotel north korea

Photo: Wikipedia

Ryugyong Hotel, the enormous hotel planned for Pyongyang North Korea that has been in the works for decades, may finally open next year.The BBC reports that Reto Wittwer, chief executive of the Kempinski group which will manage the hotel, has said the hotel will open next year “partially, probably”.

The hotel’s towering structure and long, slow construction process have led to it being dubbed the “hotel of doom” by westerners.

While there had been plans for 3,000 rooms (not to mention 5 revolving restaurants), those plans appear to have been scaled back, with Wittwer now saying only the top floors of the huge tower will act as a hotel.

With the recent announcement that North Korean airline Air Koryo — known as one of the world’s worst airlines — was supporting online booking, and Kim Jong-un’s calls for mini golf, could we be seeing a North Korean tourism push in the near future?

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