Threadneedle Asset Management's Rupesh Shingadia Is The Funniest Hedge Funder Ever

The guy who was chomping on a cigar, standing behind Tiger Woods in a Groucho-Marx like costume started an internet sensation with his look of far off innocent wonderment at Woods’ winner. 

Now we know who the guy is, thanks to Here is the City. It’s Rupesh Shingadia, an analyst from Threadneedle Asset Management.

Apparently Shingadia wore his costume as an homage to Miguel Angel Jimenez, a Spanish professional golfer who loved cigars.

Then someone snapped this picture (below) and people started photo-shopping his delightful face onto crowd-watchers at baseball games, hockey games, church events (we like to imagine), political speeches, and models in advertisements.

Watch the video below.

Threadneedle is lucky to have this guy. What a character!

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