The Miami Dolphins Drafting Ryan Tannehill Is Pretty Much A Done Deal

Ryan Tannehill Miami Dolphins

Photo: Getty Images/Bob Levey

With the Indianapolis Colts and Washington Redskins set to take Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III with the first two picks in Thursday’s NFL Draft, first round intrigue has transitioned to where Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill will go.Reports over the last few months have stated that as many as five teams — Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Dolphins, Seattle Seahawks, and Kansas City Chiefs — could possibly take Tannehill within the first 12 picks of Thursday’s first round.

Now comes a report from Peter King of Sports Illustrated suggesting that barring something crazy happening in the next few days, the Miami Dolphins will likely take Ryan Tannehill with the eighth overall pick.

Multiple sources have told King that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross wants to draft Tannehill, but is just keeping quiet in order to fend off some of the teams picking behind him.

Apparently Jacksonville would really like to move down in the draft by trading their seventh pick (one in front of Miami) to a team interested in Tannehill. The only problem, according to King, is that the Jaguars are having a hard time finding a trade partner.

From what I heard over the weekend, the trade market up to seven is comatose, unless Jacksonville’s asking price is downright minuscule.

Most teams believe Tannehill will go to Miami or start free falling, a la Aaron Rodgers in 2005.

And as much as Tannehill has skyrocketed up draft boards lately, teams picking after the Dolphins like the Chiefs or Seahawks aren’t desperate for a quarterback and would rather wait than trade numerous picks for the latest flavour of the month.

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