The Pittsburgh Steelers showed support for a player who suffered a horrifying injury by making a significant change to his contract

Ronald Martinez/Getty ImagesThe Pittsburgh Steelers are reportedly converting Ryan Shazier’s 2018 salary into a signing bonus, a move that shows respect and support for the injured player who made his emotional return walking across the stage at the NFL Draft.
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers are reportedly converting Ryan Shazier’s 2018 salary into a signing bonus, according to a report from ESPN.
  • The move is a solid show of respect from the team towards Shazier, after he suffered a terrifying injury that has limited his ability to walk.
  • Shazier made a surprise appearance at the NFL Draft in one of the most inspiring moments of the night, walking across the stage with his fiancee and showing the progress he’s making in recovery.

Ryan Shazier may not be able to play in the upcoming 2018 NFL season, but he’ll be getting his money for the year up front from the Pittsburgh Steelers.

According to a report from ESPN’s Field Yates, the Steelers have agreed to convert $US8.26 million of the linebacker’s $US8.718 million base salary for 2018 into a signing bonus, meaning Shazier will be able to receive his money immediately.

There’s no salary cap benefit to the move for the team, and the money was already guaranteed, but the gesture reportedly came at Shazier’s request and is a show of good faith between the franchise and one of its most beloved players.

Shazier is still recovering after a scary hit that left him to be carted off the field with a spinal injury back in November.Unexpected surgery followed soon after, and it looked as though his career in the NFL might be over.

Helped by his fiancee Michelle, Shazier made an unexpected appearance at the 2018 NFL Draft, walking across the stage to announce the Steelers’ first-round pick. It was an inspiring show of progress from Shazier, who has expressed his desire to make it back onto the field.

While he still looks a far way off from regaining the speed and strength necessary to play linebacker, Shazier is young, and with the significant progress he’s made already, anything seems possible.

Regardless of whether or not Shazier ever returns to play for the Steelers on Sunday, the move to pay him sooner rather than later is a substantial gesture on the part of the team.

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