Ryan Reynolds is turning one of the scariest stories on Reddit into a horror movie

Michael Loccisano / GettyRyan Reynolds at the ‘Deadpool 2’ premiere.
  • Wrtier Jasper DeWitt posted a horror story on the subreddit r/nosleep called “The Patient Who Nearly Drove Me Out Of Medicine.”
  • Ryan Reynolds clearly enjoyed it: He’s making it into a film with 20th Century Fox.
  • DeWitt said he’s “thrilled” with the project.

This week, Variety reported that Ryan Reynolds is working with 20th Century Fox and writer Jasper DeWitt to recreate a spooky story from the subreddit r/nosleep.

The subreddit is known as a place for authors to post their original horror stories. Some of the stories have been so popular that authors have gone on to publish book-length versions, like Dathan Auerbach’s “Penpal.”

The story Reynolds is helping bring to the big screen is called “The Patient Who Nearly Drove Me Out of Medicine,” which was published by DeWitt on r/nosleep two years ago in a nine-part series.

The plot centres on a psychiatric doctor and a patient known as Joe, who the doctor is trying to help. Joe was in a hospital for over 20 years, despite never getting a diagnosis, and is known as a patient who was “so intractable that no one bothered to read his file anymore.”

According to Variety, no actors or director have joined the project yet.

On social media, people are excited about the film adaptation, though they know it will be unsettling.

On Twitter, DeWitt said he was “thrilled” to be working on the film with Reynolds. He told Mashable how the collaboration came about.

“My manager texted me,” he said. “I know that sounds mundane, but it really was that simple. I may have scared some people with the loud noise of happiness and triumph I made, reading that.”

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