Ryan Reynolds helped Katie Holmes answer an age-old 'Dawson's Creek' question

Katie holmes ryan reynolds dawsons creek kisser late late showCBSKatie Holmes and Ryan Renolds on ‘The Late Late Show.’

Katie Holmes got some unexpected help in answering a question about who the better kisser was on “Dawson’s Creek” during an appearance on CBS’s “Late Late Show” on Wednesday.

Holmes appeared with “Deadpool” star Ryan Reynolds and “Girls” producer Judd Apatow, and it didn’t take long before host James Corden got around to Holmes’ kissing partners on the cult television drama: James Van Der Beek and Joshua Jackson, who played Dawson and Pacey, respectively.

“Dawson or Pacey? Who was the best kisser?” Corden asked.

But Holmes is obviously a pro at avoiding answering this question and turned it around on the host. “Who do you think?”

“I think Der Beek, because I would get straight up in his grill,” Corden, who must have thought about this scenario before, said without missing a beat.

But then Reynolds provided a piece of firsthand information that helped settle the debate.

“I went to high school with Josh, and I can tell you right now, he’s a terrific kisser,” Reynolds said.

And it’s (at least partly) true: Both Reynolds and Jackson attended Kitsilano Secondary School in Vancouver.

“Well, I mean if he says so, I guess,” Holmes gave up.

“So it’s affirmative!” Corden yelled. “Pacey’s better than Dawson! I can’t believe it!”

Watch the age-old “Dawson’s Creek” question finally get answered below:


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