Ryan Reynolds is nervous about wife Blake Lively giving him a quarantine haircut

Michael Stewart/FilmMagic/Getty ImagesRyan Reynolds and Blake Lively have been married since 2012.
  • Ryan Reynolds participated in a virtual interview with “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” host Stephen Colbert on Wednesday and spoke about how he’s been spending time at home with his family as the coronavirus continues to spread.
  • The “Deadpool” actor said that because they’re self-isolating, wife Blake Lively will be cutting his hair for him and he’s “very excited.”
  • “She’s done this once before,” Reynolds said. “It took two and a half hours.”
  • The actor continued: “And then at the end, it looked like she had done the whole thing using only a lighter or, like, those gloves that are made of sandpaper. It would have been a little faster and more efficient if she had just rubbed my head until the hair disappeared.”
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