27 Stunning Photos Of Chicago From One Of The Windy City's Best Instagrammers

Ryan Postel is a videographer and photographer from Chicago, who captures beautiful photos of the windy city on Instagram.

With nearly 40,000 followers, Postel is one of the city’s most widely followed photographers on the platform, and he only uses his iPhone to shoot photos.

Pretty amazing.

Postel also makes films, which you can see teasers for on his website.

He also sells some of his best iPhone prints.

We culled through tons of his Instagram photos of Chicago to find our absolute favourites of the city, and the gorgeous ways he preserves the beauty of this urban landscape.

This is an awesome shot.

Drawbridge in action.

This was from an 'Instameet' Postel attended to meet other Instagrammers in Chicago.

A setting sun.

Postel is a fan of photos like this.

And like this.

The iconic bean.

An aerial view.

On the lake.


It's important to remember ...

... all of these photos were taken with an iPhone.

Remember winter?

What a view.

This is pretty spectacular.

The park.

Waiting for a train.

At least there's no traffic.

View by night.

And during the day.

Rain. The hashtag on this photo was #DropletLikeItsHot.

Trying some new tricks.

And more nighttime photos.

Looks like a storm is rolling in ...

... on a gloomy day.

Reflections are another thing Postel captures well ...


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