Ryan O'Neal Blames Daughter Tatum For Farrah Fawcett's Death (VIDEO)

Ryan O Neal


Ryan O’Neal gave a hard-to-watch interview Monday night on “Piers Morgan Tonight.”During his sit-down, O’Neal told Morgan that what “bothers” him the most today is the “turmoil” his family — namely his children — caused during his relationship with acress Farrah Fawcett who died of cancer last year.

O’Neal blames these stresses for Fawcett’s death — “I just think, if she had never met us, would she be alive today?”

When questioned by Morgan, O’Neal admits, “Maybe it’s not true, but it’s possible.” His message to daughter Tatum O’Neal: “Sorry Tatum, but you probably know too.”

Tatum took to her Twitter in response to his claims, asking Morgan, “@PiersMorgan Hey, it’s Tatum did you believe my dad?? Tx.”

Tatum also wrote, “My dad is both the aggressor and the victim. You can’t be both.”

Video below.

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