Ryan Mallett Misses Meeting With Panthers Amid rumours He Was Out Late The Night Before

Ryan Mallett

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Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett has been dogged by “character questions” as he prepares for the NFL Draft, but he doesn’t seem to have done himself any favours after calling in sick before his April 9 meeting with the Carolina Panthers.Especially after reports that he was seen out late in Charlotte the night before.

Mallett’s agent denies those reports saying the QB really was sick and in his hotel room by 10 p.m.

Who will NFL teams believe? How sick do you have to be to skip one of the most important meetings of your life?

This is the latest in a series of warning flags that have popped up about the 6-foot-7 signal caller ever since he declared for the draft early. He was arrested for public intoxication in 2009, and refused to answer some questions from reporters about his past experiences with illicit substances. He has divulged more information about his partying history in private meetings with teams. 

Mallett is still expected to be one of the first three QBs to be picked in the upcoming NFL Draft despite this information making the rounds. The Panthers were probably not seriously considering Mallett as they seem to have their hearts set on Auburn’s Cam Newton, but there’s no way that the other teams will respond to this news well.