Ryan Lochte And Miss USA Could Be The Next Power Couple

ryan lochte and miss USA

Photo: Getty Images

Ryan Lochte has been at several events during NYC’s Fashion Week and the ladies are loving him.According to the New York Daily News, everyone has “been trying to get a piece of Lochte at the parties” but Lochte has been especially keen on one girl, Olivia Culpo aka Miss USA.

An insider told the Daily News that things are “very new” but that the two “definitely like each other.”

But the two aren’t putting labels on anything yet, Lochte’s spokeswoman told the Daily News:

“It’s too early to say they’re ‘dating.’ They get along well and they’ve been to a couple events, but to my knowledge, they’re not ‘dating.’ “

So be on the look out everyone, Culpo and Lochte could be the next big celebrity power couple.

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