Ryan Kavanaugh And Hedge Fund Partner Bottom-Fish For Fun and Profit

The Business Insider caught up with Ryan Kavanaugh, CEO of Relativity Media and Rogue Pictures, at the premiere of Rogue’s new movie, Fighting.

Here’s what he had to say about his vision for Rogue, his deal with Lionsgate and why Relativity hasn’t been rattled by the economic downturn.

TBI: This movie doesn’t really seem like it fits in with the typical definition of Rogue. People think of Rogue as a horror division. How does this movie fit in with that?
Ryan Kavanaugh: For us, it fits right, exactly, in the kind of sweet spot of what Rogue is going to be. The purpose when we took over Rogue was to expand it to a brand that’s really a 15-25 year-old overall lifestyle brand including films that play to that demographic…[
Fighting] is a film that we’re targeting that demographic. I think you should look for a lot more coming from Rogue beyond horror.

TBI: What can you tell us about the deal you’re working on with Lionsgate?
RK: We love Lionsgate. They’re great people and we hope to do lots of business with them in the future.

TBI: How long until you guys sign that deal?
RK: Well, if it’s not signed, then no one knows how long. But we’re optimistic we’ll do a lot with them soon.

TBI: How has the economic downturn affected Relativity?
RK: For us, it’s been a great thing, only because we have a very strong financial partner, which is [hedge fund] Elliott [Associates]. We’re a self-sufficient, very profitable company, so as funding for others may have dried up, there’s a lot of opportunity obviously and things become available at prices they haven’t been before. So, for us, it’s been…I don’t want to say a positive thing amidst other people’s negatives, but it’s been an overall positive for the company.

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