The head of Google Doodle says he sees 'Google' in everything

Ryan GermickGoogleGoogle Doodle team lead Ryan Germick.

Ryan Germick describes his job as “a blessing and a curse.”

The head of the Google Doodle team — and arguably the person with the most fun job at Google — said that while he loves his job, the curse is that everything starts to look like a Doodle.

“Like at the supermarket, the cucumbers and tomatoes are arranged a certain way and I’m like, ‘You know what, if I had a watermelon, that could work as a G,'” Germick told Business Insider.

“You start to recognise the pattern and you realise that as arbitrary as the constraint is to have to use the world ‘Google’ in a piece of illustration or design you’re doing, it actually is a constraint that can inspire a lot of creativity. We’re almost 4,000 Doodles in and there’s no end in sight.”

Germick says he loves all the Doodles like his own children, but he does have some favourites, like a Doodle with musical instruments where you could create a track and share it with your friends, or the Doodle from Halloween 2015 that was its own candy collection game.

‘Unbridled creativity and imagination’

Germick is passionate about how important creative expression is for children — and for adults.

“My opinion is that everybody can draw, everybody can dance, everybody can sing,” he said. “It’s a crime to deny yourself that; it’s a human thing to express yourself. It’s not really about fancy drawing skill or even being a capital A artist.”

Germick described growing up as “a process of forgetting to be expressive” and Google’s goal is to counteract that and encourage people to be creative throughout their lives.

“The kind of unbridled creativity and imagination that young artists…that just pours out of them, is something that we try very hard to replicate in our professional jobs as creative people,” he said. “I never think I’ll run out of inspiration from seeing the individual creative expressions that come out of these young artists.”

How the Doodle team blows off steam

So what does the guy with who might have the most fun at Google do to relax? Nerf basketball.

The Doodle team has a Nerf hoop in its office, which has led to some competitive games — and some heightened rivalries.

“I’m a big Golden State Warriors fan and I just got back from vacation and below the Nerf hoop that we have taped to our office wall very cruelly is now a pretty large wall sticker of LeBron James holding the trophy, taunting me,” Germick said. “Right now, it’s gotten personal.”

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