Ruth Madoff Spotted Faxing Documents From A Deli

Now that attention is finally turning to the roles Bernie Madoff’s family members may have played in his sociopathic scam, we find ourselves hoping we’ll someday learn the answer to the question: What was Ruth Madoff faxing from a deli a few weeks ago? Who was she faxing it to?

Three weeks ago Page Six reported that Bernie’s wife was spotted in a deli a few blocks from the penthouse where Madoff was under house arrest. From Page Six:

WHILE Bernie Madoff is stuck in his luxurious apartment under house arrest, his wife, Ruth, is free to wander and run errands. A tipster spotted her “at the deli on the corner of 64th and Lexington. She was faxing several documents, and when she was finished, she asked to buy three little cigars.” Then our tipster heard her say, “Charge me 25 cents for The Post, too.” Maybe she was too busy helping her husband to notice the correct price is 50 cents.

Faxing seems like a shady thing to do these days. Especially from a deli. Almost everything can be emailed. The primary purpose of sending a fax, we’d think, is creating an almost untraceable document. Emails leave too many electronic copies around the web, where a fax machine leaves traces on at the point of sending and the point of receipt. The ony legitimate faxes sent these days tend to be to government offices, utilities and other people who want to make it difficult for you teach them.

Our readers are curious about this incident also. “What the hell is Ruth Madoff faxing from a deli on 64th and Lex?” one writes. “Are we to think they don’t have a fax machine in their penthouse apartment? Or that someone wouldn’t fax something for them if it were needed?”

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