Russia's Northern Fleet Is In The English Channel

SeveromorskWiki commonsRussian anti-submarine ship Severomorsk.

A squadron of ships from Russia’s Northern Fleet is currently conducting drills in the English Channel, according to Russian media.

The squadron, lead by the Udaloy-class destroyer Severomorsk and including the Alexander Otrakovsky amphibious ship and a tanker, are conducting exercises such as assisting a vessel in distress, communication training and transferring fuel in international waters. The ships are crewed by a total of 250 Russian marines.

Russian media reports that the ships were also conducting drills to “repel air attack”.

According to the Russian navy’s press service:

“Today, a squadron of ships and support vessels from the Northern Fleet have passed the narrowest part of the English Channel in the Strait of Dover and have entered a bay near the mouth of the Seine River.”

State-owned news-wire Sputnik news reports that due to bad weather the ships are remaining in the bay until the storm passes.

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