The Russian Coast Guard Is Detaining 36 Chinese Fishermen

russia coast guardA Russian coast guard border patrol vessel

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Russia’s coast guard shot at a Chinese vessel and detained 36 fisherman Tuesday after finding them fishing in Russia-controlled waters in the Sea of Japan, reports Kevin Voigt of CNN. Russia’s state-run RIA Novosti news agency reported that Russians fired warning shots at one of two Chinese vessels during a three-hour pursuit and eventually rammed the ship while soldiers “opened targeted fire” at the vessel when sailors resisted being boarded. 

Charles Clover of the Financial Times reports Russia’s coast guard claimed that one Chinese fisherman is missing after falling overboard during the collision between the two ships in Russia’s far eastern Primorsky region.

The Chinese ship had 22.5 metric tons of squid and a crew of 17 but didn’t have the have documents allowing them to fish in Russia’s Exclusive Economic Zone, which is an area within 200 nautical miles of a nation’s shores which gives the country sole rights to fish and develop resources in the area.

The Russians also detained a second Chinese vessel that had a crew of 19.

Voigt reports that China’s People’s Daily condemned the news, saying that Tuesday’s event “provides excuses for forces seeking to undermine China-Russia ties.”

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