REPORT: 'Russia's Bin Laden' Is Dead

Doku Umarov, the Chechin terrorist dubbed “Russia’s Osama Bin Laden,” has reportedly been killed in the North Caucasus, according to the Kavkaz Center, a website for Islamists fighting in the North Caucasus.

There have been several reports of Umarov’s demise, but not from a pro-Chechin site like Kavkaz.

Doku Umarov became one of the most wanted rebels in the Caucasus after styling himself as the Emir of the Caucasus Emirate and masterminding several attacks against Russian targets both within Chechnya and throughout Russia over the past twenty years.

Umarov had reportedly been fighting against the Russians in Chechnya since 1994. Although he started as a Chechyn nationalist, he reportedly became involved in the global terror network in 2007.

Umarov had called for attacks against the Olympics earlier this year. He was also reportedly behind plans for car bombings and ‘Black Widow‘ suicide bombings, as well as having given the orders for the Volgograd bus bombings before the Olympics began.

This is the second time this year that Umarov has reported to have been killed. Earlier in January the Kremlin-backed president of Chechnya went to Instagram to report that Umarov had died. Given that fellow Islamists are now reporting Umarov’s death increases the chances that these reports are actually true.

There has not yet been an official confirmation from the Russian authorities as to Umarov’s death.

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