Outraged Russians are Instagramming their food inflation nightmare

Food prices are out of control in Russia.

Inflation in the country is at its highest level since the financial crisis (at around 11.4%) and some say it could get up to 17% around March.

Things have gotten so bad that Russian officials are even thinking about putting a price cap on “essential food products,” reports the Moscow Times.

But politics aside, it’s the everyday Russian consumers who have been hit the hardest by all of this — especially since it doesn’t look like this ending anytime soon.

And Russians have even taken to social media to express concern (or just straight up complain) about the rising prices.

Может я в этой жизни чего и не понимаю, но как по мне, так кило орехов не может стоить столько же, сколько 200 буханок хлеба. #орех #инфляция #ценырастут #кризис #ашан

A photo posted by Артём Немов (@nem_0ff) on Feb 2, 2015 at 1:07pm PST

Translation: Maybe I just don’t understand anything in this life, but it seems that a kilo of nuts can’t possibly costs the same as 200 loaves of bread.

2216.16 rubles = $US33.20 for 2.2 lbs of nuts

In the photo below, notice that the store has a fake discount: the price crossed out is the same as the “new” price.

Translation: Well, that’s marketing! Had a good laugh. This is just in one store, we weren’t paying attention in others. Prices have skyrockets for most products by almost 2x. We had to cut the [grocery] list for the week. #thepricesbite #goawaycrisis #everythingwillbeok #we’llbreakthrough #bought the child everything that was necessary

Cottage cheese: 69.19 rubles for 220 grams = $US1.04 for 0.48 lbs

Cheese: 146.39 rubles for 230 grams = $US2.19 for 0.5 lbs

Translation: Didn’t think that I would ever put this on my page, but this costs me almost 400 rubles. For whaaaat?!??!?! #samara #pricesarebiting

400 rubles for an assortment of cottage cheese, cheese, and a dairy drink