Russian Intelligence Plans To Run Forensic Analysis On Suspected CIA Wig

Russia Sketch Comedy CIA Bust

First the Russian intelligence agency (FSB) paraded U.S. diplomat (and alleged CIA screw up) Ryan Fogle around in cuffs and a silly wig.

Now they say they’re going to get a forensics team to investigate that wig, and that’s not all.

Will Englund of The Washington Post reported today that the FSB also claims they found the same type of wig on another CIA “diplomat” who got bustedduring the Reagan administration.

From WaPo:

The derision that has been directed at the wigs is in decided contrast to what happened after the detention of [diplomat turned spy, Michael] Sellers back in 1986. He had a wig and a fake mustache; the disguise was so convincing that his captors didn’t realise who he was until they were in the car on the way to KGB headquarters and one of them ripped the mustache off. “Ah, Misha!” he exclaimed in surprise, using the Russian nickname for Michael, as if they were old friends.

The KGB kept the wig for all these years, and now the FSB seriously plans to take the new wig and, through a forensics science analysis, match it to the old wig.

They even quipped that the CIA must have been using the same wig company for 30 years. Though in the end the joke is on them: that makes two things that lasted longer than the Soviet Union’s KGB, the CIA and its wig company.

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