Markets Slip On Russian Report Of Two Objects Launched Toward Eastern Mediterranean


Markets have slipped (though have come back a bit) following headlines out of Russia about the supposed detection of two “objects” fired towards the Eastern Mediterranean. Since the initial headline, however, some scepticism has come in, both from the market (which recovered a bit) and Israeli intelligence.

This is the initial report from Reuters, citing a Russian news agency. Details remain very scarce.

These headlines are from Russian news agency InterFax

Needless to say these headlines are already coming at a time of extreme nervousness.

According to Interfax, the launch was registered in Moscow three hours ago, and according to reports there have been no explosions of any sort in Damascas.

Meanwhile, Israeli has said it detects nothing.

After these headlines hit, markets tumbled, although the selling has muted somewhat.

Here, for example, is how Italy reacted. It’s only down 0.35% now, as it’s bounced back considerably.

GOLD shot up on the news.

Oil briefly spiked, although that has faded.

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