The Truth About That Pic Of A Russian Priest Sprinkling Holy Water On Central Bank Servers

You may have seen this photo passed around the Twittersphere over the last few days.

Its caption says: “MOSCOW, street Neglinnaya, 2 December 2014. A priest is casting out the demons responsible for maintaining the course of the ruble from the servers of the Central Bank.”

But as great as that sounds, it’s only semi-accurate.

Yes, it is a real photo of a priest sprinkling holy water on hardware, but unfortunately this has nothing to do with the current struggling Russian economy.

People familiar with the shot tell Business Insider that it’s actually a photo from back in 2001. The priest is blessing the “payment systems” from a “northern company” called Rapida.

(Here’s a link to the actual photo  — from the deep web — in case you’re interested.)

Womp womp.

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