Russian hockey player throws his stick like a javelin to score a goal

In Greek mythology, Zeus, among other things, throws lighting bolts like javelins to strike people down. Apparently in Russia, that is now how they score goals.

During a fan event hosted by Russian hockey club Ak Bars Kazan, there was a friendly penalty shootout. Obviously, these “friendly” events lend themselves to being places where players can try any kind of crazy thing. And that’s just what Vladimir Tkachyov did:

That is an insane goal. So insane, in fact, that it was #1 on Sportscenter’s Top 10 Plays during a part of the year when hockey highlights are almost never seen.

Of course, now there is speculation about what the player was using to stick the puck to the stick, but it is our feeling that it doesn’t matter. The goal is still awesome.

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