Russians Enjoy Song About Cutting Off Gas To NATO

It’s been a while since we’ve watched an American sitcom, and to be honest we don’t even watch those American variety/singing/dancing shows that have gotten so popular.

But we’re pretty sure they’re nothing like this.

Submitted purely as a cultural artificat to show just how different the Russian public’s mind is than ours, this clip is of some Russian TV/variety show, featuring dancing military generals, singing about how they’re going to shut off oil to the Ukraine and NATO if those guys ever get too big for their briches. As you can see, the audience — which includes several Russian celebrities apparently — is LOVING it.

Now it’s not clear, whether they’re laughing at those dupes in the rest of Europe, or whether the performance itself is making fun of Russian policy. It does seem to have a certain “Springtime for Hitler” quality to it, which makes us surmise that the joke is on Putin. Still, we found it highly amusing (via AmCon)

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