The starkly Soviet Russian embassy in Cuba looks nothing like the others

Described by locals as a “la espada de Rusia,” meaning “the Russian sword,” the Soviet-eraRussian embassyresembles something of a sword stabbing Havana’s Embassy Row.

Completed in 1985, the absurd structure stands as a severe reminder of Cuba’s friendship with Russia during the Cold War.

Located in the wealthy Miramar district, the Russian Embassy sits alongside 106 diplomatic missions on Havana’s palm-tree lined Fifth Avenue.

For reference, the majority of the embassies look something like the Swiss one:

And here is the constructivist architecture of the Russian Embassy juxtaposed with lush landscaping and palm trees:

Amanda Macias/Business Insider

The Russian Embassy and Consulate sit on ‘Embassy Row’ on Fifth Avenue in the Miramar district of Havana, Cuba.

Here’s a picture of the embassy’s tower:

Car embassy russian cuba

Amanda Macias/Business Insider

The 10-acre Russian compound has unobstructed views of the sea with a 5-minute walk to the beach.

Russia cuba amanda macias

Amanda Macias/Business Insider

The complex has a residential complex, a garage, an indoor gymnasium, outdoor volleyball and tennis courts, swimming pool, and a few more unidentified buildings. Here is a closer aerial view of the grounds:

Russian embassy in cuba skitch

Amanda Macias/Business Insider

The embassy is lined with 10-foot-high fortress-like stone walls and topped with shards of glass and barbed wire … for good measure.

Russian embassy cuba skitch

Amanda Macias/Business Insider

Here is a closer look at the top of the compounds’ walls:

Glass and wire russian embassy

Amanda Macias/Business Insider

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