Immigration Agents Are Calling This Russian Immigrant A Hooker But She Says She Was Framed

russian call girl ad pictureRuzilya Khusnutdinova

Photo: courtesy of the New York Daily News

In a classic case of he said/she said, a young Russian immigrant who claims she’s here for school is accusing her ex-boyfriend of putting personal pictures of her on an escort website to get revenge after she ended their affair.But her ex, a Brooklyn-based dentist, is calling foul.

Ruzilya Khusnutdinova, 24, said 42-year-old dentist Vladimir Dranovsky, with whom she had a years-long relationship after meeting through a Russian dating website, helped her get a student visa and come to America in 2009, the New York Daily News reported Wednesday.

The relationship turned sour last year when Khusnutdinova called things off, prompting Dranovsky to post sexy pictures she had taken during a romantic vacation to an escort website, she claims in a recently filed lawsuit.

Khusnutdinova told the Daily News she had no idea about the ad until U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers knocked on her door and asked if she worked as a call girl.

“During the questioning that lasted several hours, she explained to the officers she was never engaged in prostitution, that she was a student, that she was a victim of abuse and harassment,” Khusnutdinova alleges in her complaint.

But, according to Dranovsky, Khusnutdinova is just trying to hide who she really is.

“She told me she was working for an escort service,” he told the Daily News. “Maybe she’s blaming me just to get out of it.”

Khusnutdinova is suing for $16 million.

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