Russia Is Giving Military Training To 11-Year-Olds At This State-Run School [PHOTOS]

There’s a state-run school in southern Russia where students aged 11 to 17 undergo military training in addition to traditional schooling.

Reuters has published photos showing the weapons training at the General Yermolov Cadet School in Stavropol. Only students with good grades get to go on the trip.

Students stay in military-style sleeping quarters during the training excursions.

Here they’re leaning about the general the school was named after, Alexei Yermolov, who commanded the Caucusus army in 1816 and is credited with reforming the structure of the Cossacks.

The school allows students to learn about the Cossacks, a Russian ethnic group that was nearly wiped out after the Bolshevik revolution when tens of thousands of them were deported. Russian president Vladimir Putin has given financial support to Cossacks to rehabilitate their role in society, including regional law enforcement.

Here, a child takes aim with a pistol while instructors look on.

This student is holding two rifles that are nearly as big as he is.

Fitness exercises and other activities accompany the shooting practice.

Martial arts lessons are included in the training.

Students sometimes train in extreme cold.

Cooking meals in the forest is also part of the program.

The school has operated for more than a decade. It has open admittance for any child who wishes to attend.

Last year, The New York Times shot video of training at the cadet school. Check it out below:

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