Russian Billionaire Puts Anti-Photo Lasers On His Giant Yacht

yacht tbi

Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich is installing an anti-paparazzi laser defence system on his giant yacht, the Sunday Times reports.

Infrared lasers sweep around the boat. When they pick up on the electronic light sensors in cameras they fire off a beam of light at the camera so it can’t capture an image. The laser beams aren’t always on, so if you’re friends with Abramovich, you’ll still be able to take pictures on the boat.

There’s no word on how much this feature costs, but obviously it’s priceless. There will be more nude sunbathing, and more people will be able to use the deck of the boat for amorous activities with less fear of being busted.

The yacht, which will be over 524 feet long, costs well over $1 billion to build and should be launching around Christmas time of this year.

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