This Russian Bathhouse Party For NYC Startup Hipsters Looks Both Delightful And Sweaty

Sean Glass Emily BachmanNickyDigital.comSean Glass and Emily Bachman

A bunch of New York tech startup founders and their hipster guests attended what appears to be a raucous, steamy party at the Russian & Turkish Bath House in Manhattan’s East Village on Nov. 23.

And here are the Facebook photos that prove it.

But don’t click on that link unless you want to see a lot of very pale, very hipster flesh, in between the wisps of steam and red Solo cups.

Valleywag described it this way:

The self-described “musical director” for the tech set [Sean Glass] (scare quotes absolutely necessary) co-hosted a party at the Russian & Turkish Baths in the East Village this weekend that fell just short of Stefon-level absurdity. There was, however, enough wood paneling and strung out girls in bikinis to remake that Fiona Apple video.

Also in attendance: General Assembly cofounder Matthew Brimer; David Champion, the founder of Zuse and infoHubs Network; Rameet Chawla, a mobile architect at Fuelled; GroupMe cofounder Steve Martocci; Poptip founder/CEO Kelsey Falter; Josh Currie doUdeal; LaunchRock cofounder/CEO Jameson Detweiler; Emily Bachman, who does marketing for Yelp; and DormRoomFund’s Kim Pham.

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