'Missiles Fired At' Russian Passenger Plane Flying Over Syria


Missiles were fired at a Russian plane containing 159 passengers as it flew over Syrian airpace, according to Russian media.

Russia’s Interfax News Agency reported the threat around 22:00 in Moscow (14:00 EDT).

The crew of the Airbus A330 spotted a “threat to safety” and took evasive maneuvers to avoid two ground-to-air missiles, an informed source told Interfax (via Russia Today). The missiles reportedly exploded in the air near the plane.

RT reports they’ve confirmed the attack:

Russia’s Foreign Ministry had taken “emergency measures to clarify circumstances of incident with Russian jet flying over Syria,” according to Interfax.

The reports conflict with the known capabilities of rebel groups in Syria, according to Syrian arms expert Eliot Higgins:

@brian_whit @leshaque And I very much doubt the opposition are capable of launching and targeting larger missiles

— Brown Moses (@Brown_Moses) April 29, 2013

Russian authorities are still investigating the incident.

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