A Russian Scientist Claims His Country Discovered Life On Venus In 1982

Venus Globe

Leonid Ksanfomaliti, a scientist with the Space Research Institute of Russia’s Academy of Sciences, has published research in Solar System Research magazine that suggests a Russian mission to Venus in 1982 discovered evidence of life on the planet.

The article doesn’t appear to be online yet, but the Indo-Asian News Agency reports that Ksanfomaliti says his research on the photos reveals a “disk”, a “black flap” and a “scorpion”.

The Daily Mail has also managed to obtain one image of the “black flap”, which you can see here >

“What if we forget about the current theories about the non-existence of life on Venus, let’s boldly suggest that the objects’ morphological features would allow us to say that they are living,” Ksanformaliti is quoted as saying.

Of course, not everyone is convinced. One article on the discovery over at Science 2.0 is titled “Russian Academy of Sciences Member Loses His Mind”.