You Need To Watch The Escalating ‘Cheese War’ Between Russia And Ukraine


[credit provider=”Wikimedia Commons”]

Forget the endless arguments between Russia and the Ukraine over gas — there’s a new commodity war in town.Rather, the Moscow News reports that Ukrainian cheeses are causing disdain in Russia, being said to be not cheesy enough.

The large amount of palm oil used in Ukrainian cheese has caused officials in Russia to investigate imports along with a push to advise consumers that Ukrainian imports should be treated as a “cheese product” and not as actual cheese. 

According to the publication, Ukraine exports tens of thousands of tons of cheese to Russia each year. This accounts for about seven per cent of all Russian cheese consumption. 

The Moscow Times reports that Ukrainian officials have asked for an apology over comments made by Russian Federal Consumer Protection Service chief Gennady Onishchenko about the country’s dairy products.

Onishchenko said this week that the quality of Ukrainian cheese had deteriorated so much in the latter part of 2011 that Russia may have to limit the agricultural imports from its neighbour.