Hackers Deface Russia Today Website

Moscow-based Russia Today was hacked and its website was defaced Saturday, the news station reported on Twitter.

“RT website has been hacked, we are working to resolve the problem,” the official Twitter account wrote.

Hacker(s) defaced the website, in some places replacing “Russia” or “Russians” with “Nazi” or “Nazis.” It was not yet clear who was responsible. The changes to the RT website remained in place for nearly 30 minutes before the station reported everything was back to normal.

The attack on the pro-Kremlin news organisation comes less than 24 hours after the Russian parliament approved the use of military force in Ukraine’s Crimea. The station’s coverage of the situation has approvingly sided with Russian President Vladimir Putin on using troops in Crimea, who has said the military intervened to “protect the people.”

Here’s how it looked:

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