A Russian Ship Just Delivered 35 Tons Of Arms To Syria

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A Russian ship containing a cargo of arms from the country’s state arms dealer arrived in Syria today, despite previously saying it would change its destination as it sailed into the Mediterranean. RIA Novosti reports that the vessel docked in the Syrian port of Tartus. It was allegedly carrying 35 to 60 tons of ammunition and explosives. Russia has a naval presence in Syrian waters, its only one in the Mediterranean, that dates back to the Soviet-era. 

However, it had previously been reported that the arm-carrying ship would change its destination after being forced to dock in Cyprus. AP reports that since the vessel had to make this emergency stop over it would be violating EU law if it continued on its way to Syria since Cyprus is an EU member state. 

The ship was only allowed to leave the Cypriot port after assuring authorities that it would not venture towards Syria.