Russian Farm Culls Over 30,000 Pigs After African Swine Fever Outbreak


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A Russian farm was forced to kill all of its 30,736 pigs after an outbreak of African Swine Fever, reports Bloomberg. Russian authorities initially ordered half of the pigs at the Plemzavod Industrialny in the Krasnodar region to be killed. However, after veterinarians examined pigs that had died at the farm, all of the hogs had to be slaughtered. 

According to Bloomberg, outbreaks of African Swine Fever have occurred in 21 of Russia’s 83 regions since 2007. Belorussian publication Telegraf estimates that the cost of such outbreaks may be as much as 8 billion Russian rubles ($250 million).

The publication also reported that given the outbreak Russia’s neighbour, Belarus, is asking its agricultural officials to be more vigilant when observing the transportation of livestock.