Russia Wants To Start Building Permanant Bases On The Moon


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Russia’s renewed (though arguably, disastrous) interest in space travel continues.Vladimir Popovkin, head of the Russian Space Agency Roscosmos, says that Russia is hoping to build permanant bases on the moon.

“We don’t want the man to just step on the Moon,” Popovkin told Vesti FM radio station (via Ria Novosti).

“Today, we know enough about it, we know that there is water in its polar areas,” he said, adding “we are now discussing how to begin [the Moon’s] exploration with NASA and the European Space Agency.”

Russian cosmonaut Sergei Krikalyov announced last year that he hoped Russia may be able to use underground caves on the planet for a moon base, though Popovkin also noted a moon base could be put in orbit around the moon. 

The project of a “prospective manned transportation system” is being developed, Popovkin announced.

Kremlin documents previously released suggests that Russia is hoping to have a permanant moon base by 2030.