Russian Authorities Just Posted This Cruel Yet Amazing Photo Of A Siberian Man Stuck In A Trash Chute

A man in Siberia got trapped in a trash chute while trying to escape from his girlfriend, according to official reports released today.

The 31-year-old man had reportedly been fighting with his girlfriend when he hid in the chute on the 8th floor of a residential building. He then slid down to the 5th floor, where he became wedged and had to call for help. Authorities were forced to cut the man from the chute.

Apparently local government officials have a cruel sense of humour, as they not only posted the news story to their website, but they also revealed it was the second time such an incident has happened in the last few years.

They even posted this (ridiculous) photo of the poor Siberian:

Russia Garbage Shute

Emergency Situations Ministry in Tyumen

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